Melanated skin



When I enrolled in #oulukosmetologykoulu school in 2016, I was really hungry to learn everything about skin, especially mine.

But before that, I’ve had so many skin issues. So many questions were lodged in my mind.

A surprising bit about my school experience was the fact that I was the only black girl in the school. The rest were Caucasians Finns to be precise. What it meant was that all the teachings were in the Finnish language and the treatments, the concerns were all about Caucasian skin.

So for many years, I worked only with Caucasian skin. I loved it, don’t get me wrong, but it felt like I wasn’t fully satisfied.

I remember for our makeup classes at school, I will have to bring my own makeup and still come back with a totally grey-looking face.

I was getting frustrated so I decided to change my attitude.

Every day after school, I will spend hours reading books and researching about dark skin, melanin, and all.

By the time I graduated, I was so glad. I got two things for the price of one. I was knowledgeable about both dark and Caucasian skin.

Many years later I am still as passionate about melanated skin as before and I decided to focus on it. I am still researching and learning every day. That’s one fact about me, I am really curious and love to learn new things.

The end goal is to be an expert in the subject of melanated skin.

Today I get to help people with issues such as bleached damaged skin, hyperpigmentation, skin dehydration, discoloration, and many more. I also get to speak at events about melanated skin and I couldn’t be happier.

Feel free to contact me with any skin issues you may have and I will gladly help you with it.

This is what I enjoy doing.