Nubiance Anti-Dark Spot Preparatory Serum HRB-3 with Fruit Acids, 30ml



The intensive Anti-Dark Spot Serum HRB-3 is an exfoliating treatment that can be used in 10 to 15 day monthly treatments. It is applied in a targeted manner on pigmentation spots. It prevents and corrects the appearance of pigmentary spots of all origins (melasma, solar lentigo, hormonal imbalance, acne scars, skin aging …). This serum will give excellent results when combined with HRB-3 Day Formula and HRB-3 Night Formula.

Finally get rid of dead skin that gives you a dull and irregular complexion! Fruit acids (AHAs) combined with our HRB-3 formula visibly fade pigmentation spots and signs of premature aging while promoting cell renewal.


Find our HRB-3 formula (Hexylresorcinol + vitamin B3) in this high-performance Anti-Dark Spot Preparatory Radiance Serum developed to reduce hyperpigmentation of various origins on black, matt and mixed skins.

For optimal performance, we have added natural fruit acids (AHAs) to this serum for a gentle peeling effect on the skin. This treatment encourages the desquamation of dead skin while promoting the natural process of cell renewal. The superfluous dead cells are thus eliminated and pigmentation spots fade naturally thanks to a process of slowing down melanin production. Glycolic acid improves skin texture by promoting better hydration and skin oxygenation.

Enjoy a clean, fresh and spotless skin! Visible results after 8 days of treatment!

Product benefits:

+ Accelerated cell regeneration thanks to a gentle peeling action.

+ Reduction of pigmentation spots and hyperpigmentation of various origins

+ Reinforcement of the skin barrier.

Advice for use:

1 application per day, morning or evening, on a clean and dry skin, targeting spots. Penetrate the product with small circular gestures. Avoid the eye contour area.


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