Chateaux Rouge Concentrated cream


This cream, very concentrated in vegetable and marine sources reduces pigmented marks with its exfoliation effect.

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CONCENTRATED CREAM rich in anti-stain lightening agents of marine and vegetable origin corrects and attenuates the pigment marks visibly. It fights against localized hyperpigmentations while respecting the sensitivity of black, matte and mixed skin.

Proven results:

in 4 weeks, decreased intensity of pigmentation of the treated spot in 86% of subjects *.

Perfectly suited for black, matte and mixed skin: 100% satisfied **

* Instrumental scientific test, carried out during 29 days, on 22 volunteers phototypes IV and V under dermatological control. ** Satisfaction test, performed after 29 days on 22 volunteers phototypes IV and V under dermatological control.

Directions for use: Apply concentrated cream on the spots (pregnancy mask, back of the hands, face, neck …) morning and evening, then massage slightly until complete penetration of the cream. Then apply your usual moisturizer (CREME PRESTIGE or MATIFIANT FLUID).


Tube 50 ml



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