Chateau Rouge mattifying Fluid


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It an anti-shine that hydrates, unifies and regulates the excess of sebum for a skin less fat and sharper day after day. It matifies, brings comfort and radiance to the skin. Its lightening active agents of vegetable and marine origin contribute to the reduction of the pigment spots and unify the skin.

In addition to moisturizing lipomoist and brown algae that limit the appearance of spots, the mattifying fluid contains seawater, which stimulates the vitality of skin cells.It also contains zincidone (a combination of zinc and L-PCA), a 100% physiological active ingredient that regulates sebum production and has anti-bacterial properties.

Result: the complexion is matte, bright, the spots are faded, the skin texture is refined.

The light, non-greasy texture of the Matifying Unifying Fluid literally melts into the skin leaving only a velvety soft touch and a perfectly matte complexion.

Visible and scientifically proven results *

90% the complexion is matte

90% the product matifies the skin

95% less oily skin

90% the skin does not shine

95% the product brings a feeling of comfort

90% the complexion is unified

90% skin texture is refined

Apply at night, on the face and neck. Avoid the eye contour.




Tube 50 ml


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