How to determine your skin type and condition ?

Skin type or skin condition? What the difference?


Do you desire to know how to best care for your skin to give it the glow it deserves? Following these few basic steps will help you maintain your skin radiance. First of all, we need to define these skin types to know what category your skin falls under in order to determine the treatment you require.

There are the four skin types: Normal skin, dry skin, oily skin and combinate skin. The are determined by genetic and are permanent skin types.

Dry Skin: A dry skin is simply a type of skin that is predisposed to low production of the skin’s natural oils called sebum. It’s a permanent skin type, genetically inherited. the skin pores are thin and invisible.

Oily Skin: This skin type is known by a release of excessive hormonal secretion of sebum on the surface of the skin. Making the face, especially the areas of forehead and nose, oily in appearance. The skin pores are large and visible. The skin is usually thick and has imperfections or acne.

Normal skin: The skin has a balanced secretion of sebum, the pores size is normal and skin is naturally beautiful and glowing.

Combinate skin: It’s a combination of two skin types or even tree I. Some cases. For example, you can have dry cheek areas but fore head and nose can be oily and vice versa.


Is the temporary and actual condition of your skin. It can change according to the external factors such as: weather, life style, diet, environment etc…

Dehydrated skin: Dehydrated skin means that your skin is lacking water. It’s a skin condition and not a skin type. Which means an oily skin can be deshydrated as well as dry skin. In other words, a dehydrated skin is not a permanent skin condition, it can be changed based on lifestyle choices, weather pattern and skin care treatments.

  • lifestyle choices; consumption of alcohol, tobacco and caffeine drinks
  • weather patterns: winter seasons, dry or harmattan weather
  • spending excessive time in hot shower
  • wrong or ill-advised choice of skin cosmetic products.

What are the signs a skin is dehydrated?

  • itchiness
  • dullness
  • darker under-eye circles
  • sunken eyes
  • “shadows” around the face (especially under the eyes and around your nose)
  • increased incidence or appearance of fine lines and surface wrinkles

How to restore your skin’s beauty?

Skin problems can be fixed if the right skin care treatment is applied, no matter the skin type and conditions. The following are recommended treatments for common skin problems:

  • Determine you skin type and condition and choose the right skin care product for your skin type and condition. A mismatch of skin care product and skin type worsens the condition of your skin
  • Drink water as much as you can daily. Minimum 1.5 liters per day. This lubricates your body and hydrates your skin making it function effectively
  • Avoid long hot shower bath especially un winter.
  • Apply the right moisturizing products on your skin after your bath. Moisturizers does to your skin what food does to the human body system. Its nourishes and enhances the beauty of the skin. We recommend twice daily, morning and evening after bath.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol: these substances offend your body greatly and saps the water content of your skin.
  • visit a beautician for professional cares and advices.

Edited by Adeleye Adetunji

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