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SEROGEL Serum acts quickly and visibly thanks to its gel formula which ensures a perfect penetration of anti-mark active ingredients. This anti-mark serum visibly reduces the size and color of all types of mark regardless of their origin (sun, aging, marks of imperfections, …) unifies, and activates the radiance of the complexion. The lightening active ingredients of vegetable and marine origin contribute to the reduction of the pigment spots and unify the skin.

Proven results *:

in 4 weeks, decreased * intensity of pigmentation of the treated spot in 85% of subjects.

Perfectly suited for black, matte and mixed skin: 100% of satisfied subjects

* Study carried out on 22 volunteers under medical supervision. Phototype: IV, V and VI

Directions for use: Serogel only applies to stains (face, neck, hands knees, elbow …). Apply 1 dose of product 1 to 2 times a day on the tasks only then massage slightly until complete penetration of the product. Then use your daily unifying moisturizer as a day cream (CREME PRESTIGE or MATIFIANT FLUID).


30 ml pump


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