My name is Esenam, a Togolese living in Finland. This has been my second home for about a decade and here I also obtain my esthetician Diploma after 3,5 years of study.  I enjoy taking care of myself and others and I believe life is meant to be enjoyed and to be cherished. 

My work brings so much satisfaction to me because it is addressing a concern every immigrant woman is facing in Europe. The extreme weather conditions in Northern Europe are not only harsh on the environment but it’s not kind to our skin and hair as well. I suffered from this in my early years when I arrived. After I discovered most women of my color were suffering from this same problem and there was my opportunity to make a difference. From this special moment, I found passion and purpose. 

My long-term goal for the business is to have a global brand that places value on women with the aim of making a difference in their lives. I intend to use my knowledge and lifestyle to inspire them to go after their dreams and be the best version of themselves while they feel and look their best.

I truly believed that as a woman, if you feel and look your best then you can achieve anything you want for your life.


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